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Dr Molina

Dr. Eric Molina


Welcome to WCVHC, Sarasota's premier veterinary care concierge service!  Our clinic is open for you, or we can accomodate your needs by offering you house calls!             Giving your pets and you an option for comfort! 

Some of the benefits of the House Call:

  • Reduced anxiety for your pet (no car ride, no crowded rooms).
  • Multiple pet households love our service.
  • If it proves to be difficult for you to lift your pet into a vehicle.
  • Pets that have difficulty walking.
  • Longer consultation time with your Doctor.
  • Flexibility


Our house calls offer the full services of our clinic including medicine, surgery, emergency care, pharmacy, supplemments, prescription foods, and pet products in general.                      Our Clinic is a brand new beautiful facility, that thankfully has been complimented as always caring, compassionate, and service oriented!

We are open for business, and accepting appointments today!

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturdays: 8:00AM to 12:00PM
Dr. Molina's Emergency on call schedule:
Monday through Friday until 8PM
Saturday until 5 PM
Sunday until 11 AM

SVEH SARASOTA  941 923-7260

Did you know? A cat that bites you after you have rubbed his stomach is probably biting out of pleasure, not anger.